08 January 2010

just for fun: top 10 search terms for fog city spakle.

just for giggles, here are my favorite search terms that sent you guys & gals to my blog this year.
  1. sparkle damn you sparkle - i love this one for obvious reasons. probably some poor twilighter that ended up in the wrong place, but now i want to say this to everything in my home and wardrobe! (and maybe to my friends.) "good morning, new dress. sparkle, damn you, sparkle!"
  2. "lovely home" blogspot - why, thank you! *blush* i'm flattered that you think so too!
  3. do you know what you gotta do 2009 - i know what i gotta do, but do you?
  4. my colors my honor - well, i'm pretty sure that ice-t would be bummed if he knew that, for a short time, i was the top result on google with this one! but i'm down!
  5. prettiest lamp in the world - it really might be!
  6. severe sleep deprivation - well, if this doesn't appropriately describe home renovation, i don't know what else does...
  7. what comes before part b - guess you ALL know where the party's at now. whoop, whoop!
  8. damn you ikea - haha. pretty self explanatory!
  9. hank williams jr family tradition blogspot - another surprise, but i do love this song!
  10. which areas in the u.s. have little fog - um, hmmm, you'd be barking up the WRONG TREE with this one. sorry!
and, apparently, i am now the interwebs' resource for all things sparkly. here are a few more that, as a group, made me laugh out loud:
  • sparkly lazy susan
  • how to paint a sparkled ceiling
  • sparkly couches
  • sparkly curtains
  • sparkly refrigerator magnets- fair enough, i did make these.
keep searchin'!
jen x


  1. interesting, I was actually going to handmake my office sequin curtains. let me know if you find any

  2. Sparkle damn you sparkle... hahahaha! Love it. PS- I just adore the name of your blog. I wish I would have come up with something equally creative to describe Philadelphia. Drawing a blank...


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