03 January 2010

curious and curiouser.

i love a good oddity. and i heart a great curiousity. to that end, i have enlisted some of my best friends to make the occasional trip to antiques fairs, auctions and the fantastic shops here in san francisco to scavenge with me.

i haven't posted on these trips lately, so here are a few of my recent treasures. fun, huh?

early 1900s chandelier for the entryway, found hanging in a local barn. needs a good scrub first.

vintage kit cat clock with rhinestones. sadly his tail is missing, but he looks great on the mantle.

ezra brooks kentucky bourbon bottle from the late 1960s. a great little ode to my hometown.

this is so awesome. the color makes me feel all *squeeeee* inside.

a lovely clock for the guest room. the rosy copper color is so fab.

i just thought that this was beautiful.

a vintage french ash tray for friends who like to light up.

white glass bud vases (for 75 cents each!). great as candlesticks.

a chunk of amethyst - my birthshone and, apparently, a cure for drunkenness.

a gorgeous vintage shift in sparkly champagne - only 7 bucks!

and a stunning calathea from my new favorite store, paxton gate. words cannot do justice to how weird and wonderful this place is - just take a look at these photos!

hope you're feeling as inspired as i am by these fun little items. now get out there and find some of your own!

here are some of my favorite places, in case you'd like to check them out for yourself...

valencia corridor:

Neighborhood: Mission
311 Valencia Street (at 14th St)

Accident & Artifact
Neighborhood: Mission
381 Valencia St (at 15th St)

Neighborhood: Mission
393 Valencia St (at 15th St)

Neighborhood: Mission
572 Valencia St (between 16th St & 17th St)

Harrington Galleries
Neighborhood: Mission
599 Valencia St (between 16th St & 17th St)

The Apartment
Neighborhood: Mission
3469 18th St (between Lexington St & Valencia St)

Paxton Gate
Neighborhood: Mission
824 Valencia St (between 19th St & Cunningham Pl)

The Curiosity Shoppe
Neighborhood: Mission
855 Valencia St (between 20th St & Cunningham Pl)

X21 Modern - now gone, but you may be able to purchase some of their amazing things on 1stdibs.com
Neighborhood: Mission
890 Valencia St (between 20th St & Cunningham Pl)

Room 4
Neighborhood: Mission
904 Valencia St (between 20th St & Liberty St)

Gypsy Honeymoon
Neighborhood: Mission
3599 24th St (between Guerrero St & San Jose Ave)

Painted Bird
Neighborhood: Mission
1201A Guerrero St (between 24th St & 25th St)
AS OF 1/29: 1360 Valencia Street (btwn 24th and 25th)

other spots around the city:

The Perish Trust
Neighborhood: Western Addition/NOPA
728 Divisadero St (between Fulton St & Grove St)

Mickey's Monkey
Neighborhood: Lower Haight
218 Pierce St (between Haight St & Page St)

Neighborhood: Marina/Cow Hollow
1842 Union St, 2nd Fl (between Laguna St & Octavia St)

Past Perfect
Neighborhood: Marina/Cow Hollow
2230 Union St (between Fillmore St & Steiner St)


San Francisco Antique & Design Mall
701 Bayshore Blvd

up and away! alameda, oakland and sebastopol:

Alameda Point Antiques and Collectibles Faire
Once a month and full of treasures!
Runway 7/25 Alameda Point
Alameda, CA

Clars Estate Auction
Another once-monthly event. Easy to get lucky here. ;)
5644 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA

and there are plenty of others on gravenstein highway but these are my favorites...

Antique Society
Specialty: A HUGE multidealer co-op, everything under the sun!
2661 Gravenstein Highway South
Sebastopol, CA

FFT Antiques
Specialty: Antiques and salvage - and all proceeds go to a wonderful cause.
2701 Gravenstein Highway South
Sebastopol, CA

Ray's Trading Company
Specialty: Antiques, salvage, old tubs, doors, and windows. Fantastic prices.
3570 Gravenstein Highway South
Sebastopol, CA

Llano House
4353 Gravenstein Highway South
Sebastopol, CA


  1. The chandelier is a total score!!

  2. I LOVE your early 1900s chandelier! I've had a slight obsession with chandeliers since I've moved to San Francisco. For some reason chandeliers are totally a "thing" here that I never saw in LA. Well this "thing" rocks my world, and I can't wait to purchase my first one!

  3. Kit Cat Clock! I used to have one of those..it vanished and I don't know where it went!! x


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