30 August 2011

make that: i GAVE up.

so i did as i said (p.s. what is the origin of "do as you say and say as you mean..."? i don't think it's dr. seuss, but maybe i am wrong) and visited my favorite nursery, sloat on 3rd, yesterday after work.

i still have A LOT of work to do in the garden, but here are a few of the pots that i've started. (click any image for a close-up.)
half of the succulents in the photo above were already lying about. now that they are all together, with some new friends, they look great! i was at ocean beach the other day and collected a bunch of sand dollars, just like i did as a kid, and i think they make a cute addition to the planters, no?

okay, how GORGEOUS is this purple guy? he's as big as my head and starting to flower. now i need to plant him and find him some colorful friends.

and this one - OMG. it's also the size of my head but the flower stalks are HUGE. i can't wait to see them bloom!

and here's a closer look. doesn't it look like a magnolia flower from outer space?

so in love with these things - i think i am officially obsessed!

just as i am mega obsessed with this song lately...

29 August 2011

i give up.

this year has been a terrible one on the home gardening front. i used to have flowers and kittens and well manicured vines, but now it's just... well, it's just a g.d. mess out there!

i do think, with more "me" time, i could develop a green thumb. i mean, i did okay for the first year or so. but right now, if i am really honest with myself, it just ain't happenin'.

so what to do? i don't want it to be a total catastrophe out there. and you know how i love color. well, this is when our fog and no-frost climate comes in handy. i have decided, like everyone else these days, to convert my containers to a succulent garden.
luckily, san francisco weather is just about perfect for these hardy little plants. and, the more i learn, the more i love. it's insane how many sizes, colors and shapes you can find!

today, after work, i'm heading over to sloat's 3rd ave nursery - i hear they've got an amazing selection right now. in the meantime, i am LOVING these photos from a yard designed by isabelle greene in santa barbara. (all photos courtesy of brewbooks.)
i mean, these are just gorgeous, right? all of the color and texture!

high and dry has never sounded better!

16 August 2011

local inspiration.

it's really hard not to appreciate living in this amazing place. i am convinced that you would actually have to work hard to hate it.

san francisco is filled to the brim with things that inspire. i'm trying my best to get back to decorating the house (i've obviously lost some steam of late) and, while i have no current plans to paint the exterior, i still can't help but be excited and and influenced by all of the beauties i pass every day!

here are two of my all-time favorites - they make me smile. and they remind me to think of my home, and everything in it, as a way to create joy. huzzah for exuberance!

this is the "rainbow house" on clipper street (#521, for locals) in noe valley. (photo courtesy of pj taylor)

and an amazing one from my old neighborhood: the old vedanta temple in cow hollow (webster @ filbert, for those of you who'd like to walk by). it was built in 1905 as the first hindu temple in the u.s. and is still in use. pictures from then and now.

and the view on filbert street. (photo courtesy of patrick boury.)

more on it's fascinating history here and here...

what's currently inspiring you?

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