14 December 2011

trees! friends! tree friends!

a little late this year, but here's my tree. i used a new set of ornaments this year - indulged myself in my love of neon and sparkle.

if you want to get the look, you can click here for the staircase garland
here and here for these here ornaments
and walgreens carries an amazing silver tinsel with teeny hot pink and chartreuse ornaments.

as a christmas bonus, here are a few dorky photos of me and my best friends getting into the holiday spirit!

we found santa!

and a bit of christmas cheer in a glass (none for me, thanks)!

followed by spa day in hmb and some help picking a tree - thanks s.p. and v.b.!

"it's christmassssss... all oooover... again.
decorations are all hung by the fire.

everybody's singin'...
all the bells are ringin' out...
and it's christmassssss... all oooover... again.
yeah, again!"

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