16 October 2009

family tradition!

remember that old song by hank williams jr.? i sure do. here it is if you've forgotten...

so, here are a few things that i have inherited from the family to decorate the house with.

the fact that this is appearing on my blog, and in my home, will give my mother something to gloat about for years. wise as she is, she has always maintained that "everything comes back around" in fashion and decor. to my horror, jelly gladiator sandals have indeed re-appeared. however, so has the groovy baroque, hollywood regency vibe that is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY.

i told my mom, for YEARS, to throw this mirror out. "it's hideous" i said. "who would ever want that?!" i cringed.

flash forward to me sheepishly asking, "so, mom, you know that mirror..." she chuckled and said "of course you can have it. i told you so."

people, remember: your mom is ALWAYS RIGHT. (happy, mom? i love you!)

my grandmother's fold-out sewing machine. isn't it gorgeous? and it still works!

and my grandparents' nightstands. i may do these in black laquer, so the lines stand out a bit better. stay tuned on that one...

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