24 September 2009

a little bit about us.

before i dive into posts about the work being done at the house (ugh) and the decorating plans (yay), here's a bit of background.

i'd been looking for a place to call my own for a while when one of my good friends, gina, started looking as well. we decided to visit some open houses together - and soon were both feeling a bit discouraged about what we'd each be able to buy for our money (studio or one bedroom, under 1000 square feet).

so... one fine day i said, "hey, what do you think about looking at some 2-unit buildings together? we might get a bit more for our money." and, because she's game for just about anything (and is just crazy enough to trust me!), she immediately said "let's do it!"

we started looking at historic fixer-uppers right away and eventually one of our offers was accepted (competition is still fierce here out west).

our new home is a 1880s italianate victorian in the heart of san francisco. while most multi-family homes here were built as flats for multi-generational families, ours was built like the townhouses and row homes you typically see on the east coast. this means that we each have our very own 2-story home, complete with private basement and yard. it could not be more perfect!

what isn't so great is that both houses were, at some point, completely gutted by someone who likely was interested in modernizing. all of the original detail - crown moldings, chair rails, picture rails, baseboards, hardwood floors, and doors - are gone. most have been replaced recently with cheap, and historically inaccurate, stock versions from home depot.

miraculously, the facade is beautiful and well-preserved and they didn't seem to have the energy to remove the original marble fireplaces.

so, over time, we will slowly restore her to her former glory - or what we imagine it to have been. i have lived for 10 years in a stunning late 1800s victorian mansion, converted to apartments, so i will be using the architectural details there as my guide.

i hope you will enjoy all of our adventures. and please send us ideas, tips, encouraging words. we will need them all!

and now... onto the show!


  1. Congrats! Your new home sounds lovely - lets see it!

  2. Great idea for a blog! I'm a proud new follower.

  3. Hey Jennifer,

    I recently found your blog and find it very interesting! Totally love the concept around writing about the different renovation projects you're working on.

    I'm launching a start-up and looking for bloggers in the SF Bay Area who write about home decor and doing so in a value-conscious way.

    If you get a chance, feel free to reach out to me at greg@dealdecor.com.

    Thanks Jennifer!




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