16 October 2009

seriously, who goes "antiquing"?

antique hands from ray's trading co. for my favorite rings from forever 21

and what kind of person uses "antique" as a verb?

well, at the ripe ol' age of, um, 30-something - i do! it's been fun planning for this new house because i have always wanted a home where people just wander about gaping at all of the cool ephemera and artwork.

to that end, i have taken to attending estate auctions, antique faires and making trips up to sebastopol for all of the great "vintage" shops up there.

here are a few of my recent finds... stay turned for more!

the prettiest lamp in the world - from one of the stalls at the sebastopol antiques collective

i got this for 20 bucks at the monthly clars auction house auction! can you believe it?

seriously, how cute is this?! found it at ray's trading co.


  1. Perhaps we can call your style 'shabby vintage quirky chic'? ;)

  2. most of my friends cut to the chase and just say "weird". but i like your description better. :)

  3. I know I read this post when it was fresh but it seems I forgot to comment. Those hands are my FAVE. L.O.V.E. LOVE them. And the cocktail rings they hold are pretty fabulous too. I think we might have similar styles.

  4. ======================================
    thanks, carrie! if ray's still has more, i can pick up a couple and ship them to you next time i'm there. they were only $10 each!


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