17 February 2012

a wee bit o'progress.

okay - so what better way to get motivated to finish a beast of a project than a surprise visit by family. i can't think of any, really.

so... while this is not nearly complete, i have finally made a TINY bit of progress in decorating the dining room.

with a hard deadline in my google calendar, i decided not to paint, but it was finally time to update the mirrors and change the light fixture. and add a buffet. and some tchotchkes.

the photo above was taken this morning. it's messy. i need to adjust the mirrors. i'm still spray-painting and assembling the chandelier. rocky balboa needs to be relocated. but it sort of looks like a dining room now, non?

more details coming soon...

02 February 2012

oh my god, this place!

i recently took a quick trip to denver for some snowy r&r and was totally BLOWN AWAY by the restaurant that my host took me to on my last night in town. the food at beatrice & woodsley was outstanding (crawfish beignets? all kale caesar? whole roasted colorado striped sea bass? YES PLEASE!)

but what really took my breath away was the interior design. it was like being transported to a different world the moment you walked through the door.

filled with aspen trees and creative accents, i felt like we were sitting in a magical forest.

and no wonder. here's their story...

A room that emulates the story of two lovebirds: Beatrice, the life-loving daughter of a French wine making family who relocated to California in the 1800’s to create a small vineyard. And Woodsley, the handsome and crafty son of Lumberjacks-turned-Coopers who provided barrels for the fledging wine producers. Upon first sight Beatrice & Woodsley fell in love and quickly married.

Stirred by his new bride, Woodsley built a remote cabin amid the woods of the Colorado Mountains. Built with skilled and loving hands, Woodsley constructed a strong abode complete with the day’s amenities and a large wine cellar between the roots of the aspens... Life was lived with appreciation amongst the forest birdsong, and the snow-capped peaks… happily ever after.

the bar is made of live edge, untreated wood supported by vintage chainsaws.

re-wired antique lamps hang from beamed ceilings.

tables are swathed in gauzy white curtains for privacy.

the shingled back wall hides doors to the men's and ladies' rooms.

paper rolls suspended from the restroom ceiling.

wonderful pulley system to turn on the sink faucets. strings of ball bearings guide the water from the ceiling into your hands.

whimsical touches all around!

visiting beatrice & woodsley motivated me to get started again on some of the little projects that are hanging around the house waiting to be completed. above all, when someone visits our home, i want them to feel comfortable and happy - just the way i felt when i visited b & w.

what's inspiring you right now?

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