19 October 2009

cheap & sparkly weekend project.

you know what they say, "idle hands do the devil's work."

so on a rainy sunday night, with the tv tuned to "the amazing race", i made myself useful and decided on a quick and easy project with (i think) a lot of impact.

i was walking around michael's earlier in the day - to take a break from the target-home depot-costco hell i was in - when i spied these beauties for under 5 dollars. (i am totally a magpie; attracted to anything pretty and shiny).

i asked myself "what could i do with them?" and do you know what my answer was? of course you don't - so, as kanye would say, "i'mma let you" know.

"self," i said, "let's make some refrigerator magnets!"

i picked up these bad boys to the left, for under 2 dollars, and packed them up with my lovelies.

when i got home, and finished painting my new library stool (another post soon) i lit some candles in the fireplace and went to work.

the magnets have an adhesive strip on one side, so all i needed to do was to cut them into small pieces and strategically stick them to the backs of each letter and dot. easy peasy!

for about 7 bucks and 1 hour of work, i had these lovelies - great for kids (i assume, since i have none) and for big kids too:

i love the tone-on-tone look of them against the stainless steel refrigerator! (though i think these would be equally cute on a magnetic chalkboard anywhere in the house.)

and, as you can see, i started with some sweet (and benign) phrases - but i am sure my friends will come up with some much saucier messages soon...

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