20 January 2010

i can see clearly now...

the view from my home office tonight. click to enlarge.
(that's city hall on the right.)

i've just returned home from a very quick trip (30 or so hours) to chicago and somehow managed to miss the first couple of storms of this predicted el niƱo season.

sounds like they were whoppers, but now the air is cool and crisp and the skies are streaked with the color of dusk and a few remaining gray clouds - such a lovely sight!

sometimes dealing with this beautiful old house feels like more trouble than i bargained for - but coming home to it, even after a short trip, and taking in this view reminds me of how very lucky i am and how much i really, really love it.

so, enjoy the view and a song with me tonight - won't you?


  1. that's the view from your home office? Like you see that every night? So Jealous!

  2. ********************************************

    it is (and same from my kitchen one floor below)! thanks, naomi - i am SUPER lucky!



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