26 January 2010

t-minus 2 days!

my baby!

well, i've been promising to unveil my master bedroom for months now. you've listened, patiently, to my litany of excuses - but the hour is ALMOST upon us!

so, yes, i am one of those insane fools that purchased the much-blogged-about ship chandelier. it has been languishing in a corner in my bedroom for ages, giving me the sad-eyes the entire time.

*skies open up* well, i have finally found a new contractor (that i hope will not disappoint me like the last) and he's scheduled to hang this lovely ship in my master bedroom on thursday afternoon (while i slave over 200 cupcakes for my dear friends', sandra and john, wedding on friday).

and, yes, i know that it's simple to hang a light fixture but i am REALLY VERY klutzy. so, if it involves potential electrocution, i say "pass, thanks!"

while he's at it, he'll also hang this beauty (the gold one, not the kit-cat) in my office, though i still have a LOT to do in there, so that reveal will take some time...

are you excited? i'm excited! like, head about to explode excited - seriously! OR "omg! martha's being released from jail and i can finally worship my domesticity goddess again" excited!


  1. I'm so excited to see that in a "real" home!! YAY!

  2. Ooooooo! *twidling fingers* I can't wait to see the big unveil (and how ye olde galleon o'crystals lights up)!

  3. you went for the ship, huh? Haha. Well It will be interesting to see and I hope you love it forever and ever.

  4. thanks, ladies!

    and, naomi, i vividly remember your post on the subject of said ship - can't wait to prove you wrong! ;)


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