31 January 2012

other people's places: sarah's bedroom.

welcome to a new type of post that i hope you'll all enjoy!

today's post is one of which i'll call "other people's places". lots of my friends have started to ask for my help in decorating their own homes (crazy fools, i know).

my primary goal is always to capture the person's personal style. and a pretty close second is to make the decorating plan affordable.

sarah came to me with an approximately $1000 budget for her bedroom. she had been using the same unfinished pine furniture since she was 19 and moved into her first college apartment. after turning 30 over the summer she wanted to move to a new place and to make it her own.

she ended up in a big apartment in a great neighborhood - though, as it was built in the 60s it lacked character. each room is essentially a big white box.

one room she loved.

when we talked about what she wanted, she noted that she loved the feel of a modern hotel or spa, but wanted some glamour too. i also noticed that, when we looked at inspiration photos, aside from symmetry (hence the love of hotel rooms) she is drawn to some rustic/ warm elements.

and another that inspired us.

in a word, she wanted something glamorclectic. :)

we're still working on the room, and accessories in particular (she was initially one of those folks who was terrified to collect anything other than vintage 80s vhs tapes - see her favorite below. AMAZING.)

here's what we have collected over the past few months, along with a pillow idea and wall hangings that we're considering for over her desk. (stay tuned for a cool mount that i have in mind.)

click image to see close ups.

i think it looks gorgeous and like it could have been collected more slowly over time (rather than in just a couple of months). and it was great that she was willing to put in some elbow grease. the ikea rast hack ($35 for a nightstand - yes, please!) in particular turned out fab.

we'll post pictures when it's done-ish, but what do you think?

10 January 2012

more dining room inspiration?

i have been struggling to get this room right for almost 2 years now, and i still feel GAH when i walk into it. i won't trouble you with a photo (it's still covered in holiday decorations from various parties) but it's just not great!

first i thought this: http://fogcitysparkle.blogspot.com/2010/01/dining-room-inspiration.html

but, now, i'm thinking of going WAY girly. like pink and purple girly. because "why not?"

here are a few mood photos. what do you think?

and, damn, i love this song. is that embarrassing?

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