13 January 2010

dining room inspiration.

well, i painted the dining room and it was a big ol' bust. the color sample was lovely and gray and the real life color made the room look like a giant baby's nursery. maybe someday but, for now, *do not RUSH me*.

sorry, i'm used to saying that to my parents these days.

anywhoo... it's time to start again and i think that i'm going to go for a warmer, brownish gray (i was playing with peacock blue, but that might be too dark against the black entryway). ceiling to floor. including moldings. *gasp*

i want the room to feel cozy and a bit european, hence the paint on all of the trim and below the chair rail. i'd like for people to linger and feel at home.

here are a couple of images that are inspiring me:

i've seen this on a few blogs, but not sure of the original publication. i love how the antique wood and gilt mirrors bring out the warm tones in the paint and curtains. it's all so chic and serene.

i think this will work well with my antique pieces - a phyfe-style table that i rescued long ago, a pretty, leather-topped side table from my grandmother's house, and a beautiful mahogany armoire that my dad gave me when he moved from a lovely old craftsman to more mid-century inspired digs.

i'm thinking cream silk curtains with paillettes or tiny mirrors scattered about for a bit of sparkle when the candles are burning low.

and this GORGEOUS thanksgiving tablescape, which i copied yesterday and am so scatter-brained that i cannot for the life of me remember what blogger is responsible! (if it's you, please comment so i can give you due credit!).

again, the colors are soft but warm -- and the feathers add that bit of whimsy that i like (actually need) to incorporate into all of my rooms. and, i think i can also use the feathers to bring some of the colors of the rug i've been holding on to for years (it's actually a bit warmer in tone than the photo suggests).

what do you think? any suggestions for chairs with this scheme. i want to stray from "traditional" because all of the major pieces already are.

oh, and when i'm done, we can all have dinner together and make like the little guys below.

(sorry, couldn't resist. it's one of my favorites of all time.)


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