16 October 2009

word of the day: titivate

something fun for the family room

*giggle* i love dictionary.com's "word of the day" email and found october the 8th's entry very relevant.

titivate \TIT-uh-vayt\ , transitive and intransitive verb:
1. To make decorative additions to; spruce.

intransitive verb:
1. To make oneself smart or spruce.

It's easy to laugh at a book in which the heroine's husband says to her, "You look beautiful," and then adds, "So stop titivating yourself."
-- Joyce Cohen, review of To Be the Best, by Barbara Taylor Bradford, New York Times, July 31, 1988

now that the floors are done, and lots of the painting complete, i can start to "titivate" the house with the fun stuff i have been hording at my apartment!

here are a few of the items i am starting with. what do you think?

a new chandelier for the family room (marked down from $1,349 to $189 at lamps plus - whoopee)!

a pair of over-sized faux bamboo chairs from pier 1 - for settin' a while (originally $179 each and a steal at $89 a piece!)

it's true. I WILL.

and one for the roomie, gina. because she is, indeed, a BAD ASS.


  1. Some of BTB's work was fuel for my wierd childhood fantasies, so don't hate.

  2. omg. that chandelier is amazing!!! Lucky find!


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