16 October 2009

damn you, ikea! *shakes fist*

damn you, that is, for having such utterly charming things at such low prices that i think i can afford something like 2000 hours of labor to furnish my home!

in all seriousness, though, i believe that good design should be available at any price range. and along those lines, i also believe, that if with good vision or proper guidance, you can make a lovely home from places like ikea, target, cost plus and pier 1 (not to mention that almost my entire wardrobe is from forever 21).

so, while my dad was in town, off to ikea we went with my pre-printed shopping list. we bought about *5000 pounds* of furniture; here's a look at some of the pieces i chose.

next week i'll show you where it all went with some pretty amazing before and sort-of-after shots of the house.

a four-poster bed (edland)!

a couple of nice dressers, also edland line, 5-drawer and 2-drawer.
(these came with AWFUL pulls, so i swapped them out with some knobs that i picked up at anthropologie - appropriately labeled "diamond gal" - that i loved for their sparkle and organic feel)

a sideboard (trollsta) to use as a tv stand and a great b/w rug (stockholm rand)

and a fantastic stainless steel topped desk (vika) with a matching rug (alvine rand)

and 3 billy bookshelves waiting to be assembled *sigh*

this was an incredibly productive shopping spree - all for well under $2000.

aren't you curious how i put it all together...?


  1. I'm convinced that IKEA would make a killing if they sold an allen wrench attachment for an electric drill. I'm sure someone sells this, but IKEA should have it available at checkout.

  2. I AGREE! i nearly broke my damned wrist a few times!

  3. After purchasing some pieces for this series, I was trying to find the right wall color to complement it. I love your's. Do you recall what it is?

  4. hi anonymous! thanks so much for the compliment! the color is called "solana beach" from ace hardware (though home depot will mix it up for you if you ask). here are a few more photos of how i put the room together (if you're interested): http://fogcitysparkle.blogspot.com/2010/01/come-sail-away-come-sail-away.html

  5. Hi Jennifer!
    Just found your post! I have been looking all over for a dresser from the Edland Series from Ikea for my mom. I can't seem to find it...and Ikea doesn't sell it anymore. Her favorite part of the white drop knobs from them. Do you still have the original knobs from your dressers?

    It'd be great if you could let me know. Email: JeanineGlennPhotography@gmail.com
    Thanks so much!


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