22 October 2009

what to do? what to do?

here's another item i have inherited over the years. it's the only "big girl" rug i own (the rest, while nice, are from ikea).

it's been rolled up in a corner for about 7 years and, now that i have a dining room, it's time to trot this puppy out.

anyone have any ideas on what to do for decorating with this thing? i think the walls will be light gray and i have a duncan phyfe table that will sit on top of it, but i need chair and curtain ideas.

want to keep it eclectic and fun. and slightly o.t.t. (or "over the top", for those of you who do not know me personally...)



  1. I think you've got the wall colour right with the grey. If I were you (oooo...then I'd have indoor plumbing!! LOL) I'd want to keep things fairly neutral, and maybe pick specific colours from the rug that you could use as pops of colour in the room.

    This would be fun, but maybe too OTT: What if you painted chairs for the table each an individual colour from the rug? Maybe that's one of those better-off-in-my-head ideas. I'm thinking it could have a Domino-esque feel to it.

    Or maybe a more modern chair in white (or clear?) to offset the table...or find some chairs and reupholster the seats with the different colours of the rug?

    A yellow or light blue curtain (with a nice pattern) could be a nice addition.

    Beyond that little bundles of flowers in different sizes vases grouped together would be cute. (High maintenance, but cute!!)

  2. Hey, found you from SFist. Congrats.

    The first thing that popped into my mind was to pair this rug with a Cranberry glass collection ie. goblets and such. You can find classic/not frou-frou examples that were made around the time of your house.

    You might also want to look at Imari plates but that could definitely be OTT.

  3. kerry - thanks as always!

    hi sparkie! thanks so much for reading, and for the ideas!


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