09 October 2009

trimming the tree!

while it is close to christmas, i don't mean that tree! (between you and me, though, i can't wait! i might even have one in my bedroom this year. *whee!*)

the trees in front, and the vines crawling up the left side, were starting the strangle the house's lovely fa├žade.

so, while dad was in town for 5 days, one of my first priorities was to give it a bit of breathing room. he ripped the vines down (don't worry, the trumpet vine out back is safe!) and trimmed an archway into the trees. he also cut them back from the inside of the house so i don't get those annoying scratchy sounds on my bedroom windows late at night. they were giving me a serious case of the heebie-jeebies!

he also went the extra mile and dealt with the ant "situation" (even killed a bunch by hand!) on the ficus and hand-washed the front of the house.

what a lucky "dottir" i am!

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