22 September 2009

"crack is whack!"

oh, girl, you KNOW i agree with you.


but when i look at these renderings of the proxy and permanent plans for the empty lot at the end of the street, i just feel like singing "pass the dutchie".

this guy was definitely smoking the good stuff...

my favorite image from the permanent plans (found @

me and melissa circa 2040. after a quick dip at the dolphin club, trolling for a hook-up.

and from the proxy plans
(found @ http://www.envelopead.com/proj_octaviakl.html):

ooh! look, hipsters! it's "the sound of music"!

i actually really, really love this plan. it'll be several years before they can break ground on the permanent structure, so we may as well have a fun community space in the meantime. outdoor movies? temporary art installations? belgian beers and fries al fresco? sign me up!

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