27 September 2009

mad love for t & a hardwood.

isn't that just the best name for a flooring company, like, EVER? i swear that they need to make t-shirts because they'd probably double their income (at least)!

so, the floors are coming along nicely. all of the junk - carpets, padding, marble tile, linoleum, plywood - has been removed and the floors stripped and sanded once through.

here's a look at the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious results:

some of the junk being hauled away

entry hallway

formal dining room

bottom of the stairwell

living room

top of the stairwell

upstairs hallway


guest bedroom

master bedroom

BONUS!! i found mardi gras beads IN THE CEILING. add that to the prohibition era whiskey bottles that the inspector found in the crawl space and i think it's clear that this house has a long history of fun tenants.

i plan to do my part to carry on the tradition! w00t-w00t!

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