21 September 2009

that was, like, WHOA...

it takes a village...

so, g and i survived our first weekend of homeownership - and, miraculously, no serious regrets (aside from the multiple hangovers).

we've had the keys for 6 days now and here's a snapshot of what we've accomplished in those few days: 12 lbs short ribs, 9 bottles champagne, 5 bottles wine, 3 six-packs, 2 lbs cookie dough & 1 room painted. huzzah!

special thanks to everyone who's stopped by with gifts and glad tidings. you've made this is a very memorable week for us!

- mom & jeff, who changed all of our locks and put together the barbecue! (not to mention the gift of a thousand tools and a 20-foot ladder!) and brought us a magnum of 1982 chateau montelena. big people wine!
- dad and bonnie for the 14-person "woo-hoo!" all the way from the oregon coast. you brought tears to our eyes!
- amanda, susana, valerie, debbie, sandra and barkley for a great first night at *home*.
- the horstmanns for a home-cooked dinner on friday night...
- and eric and ryan for each stopping by with my favorite fancy-schmancy beers. (and thus making sure i was not nearly as productive as i'd planned to be!)
- jim, valerie, doug, riin, sarah, matt, deb, and alex for a super "lazy sunday afternoon" barbecue - and for the many, many gifts. can't wait to crack open the ardbeg!
- and the horstmanns, again, for sunday night dinner. you are superstars!

i love you all!

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