26 September 2009

happy, happy, joy, joy!

floooooooooooor day! floor day is here!

i know i keep harping on this but... the carpets here are truly
hideous. it's not the color or style so much, but the filth.

3 college students and a dog, unchaperoned, can do a lot of
damage. between the thousands of pieces of double-sided tape on
all of the walls and the many, many stains of indeterminite origin
(eww), there is certainly some cleaning up to do!

as far as the carpets go, we had two options: "call 1-800-steemer,
stanley steamer makes your home cleaner" OR see what's under
this mess and try to salvage or replace it.

having spent so much time living in an old victorian apartment, i
have a deep appreciation of original wood floors. so we decided to
take a chance removing the carpets.

when the floors guys came, we found original 5-inch planks under
most of the carpets. huzzah! so, while any hardwood that may
have been here is long gone, the beautiful old subfloors (likely
douglas fir) survived - albeit with many coats of paint.

under a couple though, we found faux wood linoleum tiles glued
either directly to the wood or to plywood that was installed over
the wood.

lots of gooey gluey mess

so, we crossed our fingers, took a deep breath, and started to rip
everything out.

isn't that breathtaking?

the "thank you, jeebus!" moment. wood in tact under the plywood.

anyone need some press-on nails? or sunflower seeds?

master bedroom: looking better already!

and the guest bedroom. oh, happy day!

fingers crossed that they turn out as lovely as they already look in
my mind!


  1. I know you posted this a while ago but man does it make me remember what we went through. The final product is SO.SO.SO worth it though.

  2. yes! and thank gosh, right? we spent 13 hours mopping the walls when they were done. it was *not pleasant*.


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