24 September 2009

what not to wear.

(top row, l-r) entrance, downstairs hallway, formal dining room, living room
(2nd row, l-r) downstairs (illegal) bathroom, kitchen, view of city hall from kitchen, upstairs hallway
(3rd row, l-r) master bedroom, master - 2 closets. w00t!, view from master (you can see the bay!), guest bedroom
(4th row, l-r) upstairs bathroom, office, view from office, backyard
(last row, l-r) backyard, backyard entrance to basement, basement

several of youse guys have asked for some "before" shots of the house. here are a few that i took at the open house back in early july. (yes - it took FOREVER for us to close!)

you'll note that the entire interior, including all closet interiors and some of the ceiling (!), is bathed in a lovely, baby-poopy yellow. the carpets, which these photos do not do justice to, are covered - COVERED - in disgusting stains. these, i assume, courtesy of the three college kids who were renting the place before it was sold. so let's just pretend they are all pabst blue ribbon, or natural ice from the keg, and not something far more sinister.

doesn't look so bad in these photos, you can't see the filth (or feel it stick to the soles of your feet) - but they do show the lack of original detail.

after a good scrub down and new paint job, it will be beautiful. but stick with me for a few years and it'll knock your socks off!

plans for the house - expertly drafted!

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