24 September 2009

severe sleep deprivation.

i'm punchy today. and emotional. and cross-eyed. i promise you, it's really not a pretty picture.

gina and i are sprinting towards move-day, next thursday, and i have hardly slept for a week. i've been painting and cleaning brushes (yes, i'm a good little girl who tidies up every night) into the wee hours, fueled by white wine and pizza, for days. (klassy, right?)

and then, when i get back to my apartment, i have to catch up on gossip girl, glee, and bones. it's a rough schedule to keep, people!

the side effect of all of this is that i have developed an inappropriate giggling-slash-crying thing - at work and at home. the contractors think i am crazy and i'm sure it does not instill much confidence in the engineers at work. and my parents are worried.

i might just about have it under control, but the big floor reveal is bound to start the waterworks right back up again.

i think i need to start posting video here...

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