26 July 2010

if.. you... asked me to...

well, YOU DID if your name is sandra, elaine or kelly.

no real post today, just a quick update on the mirrors for the dining room. some of you may recall that i was playing with a few ideas for the finish (and blogged about it here).

so many friends liked the multi-colored graffiti look that i decided, "what the heck? we're only young once!" so here you go...

ignore the styrofoam up top - just testing different angles for the mirrors to hang at...

if you're curious:
- mirrors were a sale item at pier one
- used the following paints: rust-oleum in "white gloss" and "black gloss" and krylon x-metals in "anodized purple"


  1. woohoo, looks awesome! love the fog city banner, too!

  2. ************************************************

    thanks everyone! still have my fingers crossed that the room turns out as cool as it looks in head!


  3. omg - different angles for the mirrors? I had never even THOUGHT of that before!!! Amazing :-)

  4. @LifeBegins@Thirty: thank you! the mirrors are so massive and my walls are so tall that, without an angle, it was hard to even see anything in the mirrors. and i have always loved how french bistros use this method to make a space a bit more cozy. :)


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