27 July 2010

the answer to a never ending story?

i've been thinking a lot about the dining room of late and decided to put together a (remedial) storyboard to represent how i'd like for it to come together -- though some existing pieces weren't included.

some of these items are on my wish list, most notably the aqua leather wingbacks. we'll just have to wait and see if i can snag some of this stuff on sale...

so, here we go with the list, from left-to-right by row:
  1. "stormy monday" paint by benjamin moore.
  2. poster-sized prints of two photos i took in iceland a few months ago
  3. those crazy mirrors i just finished!
  4. a black glass chandelier... or white... or clear... what do you think?
  5. a mix of thonet chairs, which i am in the process of collecting, refinished in black
  6. my duncan phyfe table that i FINALLY refinished. maybe adding a high-gloss black leaf so allow for more seats and to modernize the look
  7. OMG a pair of these amazing wingbacks that i found at zgallerie. the photos don't come even close to doing them justice. i DIE when i look at them. perfect for unbuttoning your pants and relaxing.
  8. a great graphic rug, like this one from anthro. diamond jungle dhurrie just sounds fun!
  9. high gloss black doors with white casings
and not in the storyboard but definitely included:
  • my grandmother's favorite side table - antique, round, leather topped. my dad's only request to keep when she passed. he thought it would be perfect for my little victorian home. i'd pair it with the wingbacks and place them in the bay window.
  • an antique armoire from my dad. when they went mid-century with their house, i scored this hand-me-down. perfect for storing bar essentials.
  • black and white patterned curtains with some fun detail. i'm on the hunt for fabric. got any suggestions?
  • voile sheers to diffuse the light (and for privacy since the dining room is at the front of the house and on street level)
  • fun tchotchkes in bright colors - because i am a magpie collecting shiny things, as you all know
are you scared? excited? what would you add or change?


  1. I am so loving this! Especially those wing backs. SWOON. But I agree about the chandy -- white or clear might read better.

  2. I love your ideas.....amazing!!! but i'd skip the b&w drapes and go for a bright colour with another bright colour lining and a b&w zig zag on the edge seam. I'd sew a runner for the table to display your "finds".

  3. love those blue chairs! Wish I had a Z gallerie near me. Philly doesn't have Z Gallerie, Room and Board, CB2, or World Market. Sucha bummer.


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