22 July 2010

to thonet or not to thonet - that is the question.

er... well... really it's more of a degree-of-thonet question.

i'm finally getting my bum into gear on the dining room but i'm stuck again on chairs. i LOVELOVELOVE thonet chairs (yessireebob, i even picked up a couple this weekend) and was thinking i could surround the table with a variety of the cafe-style chairs...

à la these examples:

cafe des amis, san francisco

or if i should mix things up and scavenge for a variety of "significant" chair styles, like these rooms do.

sjp's hamptons house via elle decor

honestly, i am LOVING both options. what do YOU think?


  1. I like all matching - or at least the same elements (shape, color).

  2. I love the sjp's hamptons house example. Different style's same color. BEAUTIFUL!


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