04 July 2010

happy red, white and BLUE!

happy fourth of july, dear friends and readers!

my dad and my grandpa were both military men, and my great-gran was a farmer in south dakota, so i am proud to celebrate our freedom today and the sacrifices that so many great men and women, from all walks of life, have made so we may enjoy it.

and, on a much DORKIER note, holidays always get me revved up - the parties, the decorations and the colors!

today i'm thinking about blue (but not feeling it - it's a beautiful day here in san francisco and we have lots of friends on the way for a big backyard blowout!)...

some of you have already seen this, but i think it's about time to fetch my dad's homework desk from the family garage and bring it back to the f.c.s. house for some t.l.c. it'll look exactly like the one above and end up on the right side of the bed in the guest bedroom.
guests will be able to look out the window at the city lights by night and write jealousy-inducing postcards to their loved ones back home...
i've also been on the hunt for the perfect, petite nightstand for the left side. no luck for months at the antiques markets or on the craigslists but LOOK AT WHAT WE HAVE HERE. the appropriately named "petite bedside table" at pb teen looks like just the thing! and super-reasonable at 99 bucks!
and i still need to hang this bad-boy in the room as well. the aqua teardrops are a bit too bright for me so i'm thinking of putting a thin coat of white glass paint over them to soften them for the room.

anyone have any experience with glass paint? i'd love a tip or two!

have a happy day, friends!

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