05 July 2010

the first time....

"can you tell from the look on my face that i... love you more TODAAAAAY..."

one year ago today i walked into this house for the first time. i didn't know it at the time, but i had finally come home.

this year has been a whirlwind - and rather like falling in love. joy, doubt, fear, butterflies, and hard work. and i wouldn't trade a single second.

here's a quick look back at that first day. these are the photos i took at the open house (click the photo to see a larger version). and click here for an intro to this crazy project.

we've certainly come a long way!
(top row, l-r) entrance, downstairs hallway, formal dining room, living room
(2nd row, l-r) downstairs (illegal) bathroom, kitchen, view of city hall from kitchen, upstairs hallway
(3rd row, l-r) master bedroom, master - 2 closets. w00t!, view from master (you can see the bay!), guest bedroom
(4th row, l-r) upstairs bathroom, office, view from office, backyard
(last row, l-r) backyard, backyard entrance to basement, basement

"although sometime has passed
i still remember just like it was yesterday.
the time is moving fast.
the love i have for you
time won't ever change -
i'll always feel the same
now until the end..."


  1. Having bought my own house in November and going through the same process (or very similar!) I know how you feel. Some days it just makes me grin inside *and* out. Hoorah for gorgeous townhouses! (A UK reader) :)

  2. hoorah, indeed! thanks so much for stopping by - and i'd love to hear about your house. i used to live in the uk (me in london and dad in marlow) - i miss it so!


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