04 June 2010

it's like the "wild kingdom" up in here!

wasn't that an amazing show? ah, the memories... i love me some tivo but sometimes i long for the days when the whole family would gather together to watch an amazing program together. it was pretty special.

anyway... i'm at home tonight working on some errands to prepare for the weekend and, a few minutes ago, i was about to go outside when i noticed a HUH-YOUGE cat sitting on the fence. i thought maybe it was this little guy's momma - but it turned around to look at me and...


it is a ginormous, well-fed raccoon. seriously, WHAT is it with this house?! our wildlife (like bob the rat) grows to unbelievable proportions!

he's pretty cute though. if i didn't know he would bite and scratch me (seriously, doesn't it look like he's saying "b*tch, i will CUT you!"?), i would want to hug him!

and, while i was up in my library (i'm SO hoity-toity) watching him, i noticed how lovely the view is tonight. thought you might enjoy sharing it with me. *wink wink*

1 comment:

  1. Oh, that view makes my heart ache. I miss SF so much, I can't even tell you.
    Cute raccoon too...and your right, she'll cut you fo sho!
    Cute post, thanks for sharing the city and the kitty!


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