22 June 2010

hearts and hearts and hearts and hearts...

the fabulous ally at From The Right Bank has issued her annual “What’s Your Style in One Picture Challenge”. i remember reading about it last year - in the throws of trying to find my very own home - and thinking "what, exactly, IS my style? well, i'd better figure it out fast!"

thankfully it wasn't hard. my house style is pretty much the same as my closet style - whimsical, colorful, eclectic, and fun. oh, and sexy. of course. ;)

there are so many great designers at work these days that fit that description - so many that my virtual style files are bursting at the seams! but, somehow, i can't help but come back to this photo again and again. anne coyle, you are a glamour genius!

hope you enjoy it! so what's your style in one picture?

"beauty's where you find it."


  1. This room is the definition of glamour! I would never think to use all of those colors but she does it so well! Thanks so much for participating in my challenge!

  2. love this. I want to have a party in this room!


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