21 June 2010

i want cake!

while most of you follow this blog to see what i'm up to on the home front, some of you know that one of my other creative outlets is cake making. i'm not a professional, so this is just a hobby that happens a few times a year, but i really do enjoy it.

all of these cakes are made with one of my very best friends, sarah, who will be leaving with her husband and 3-year-old twins to travel the world for a year. in honor of her husband's birthday, and their trip, we made a cake to celebrate.

the cake is topped with edible likenesses of the girls (though they insisted "don't cut me!" and "please, mommy, don't let anyone EAT me!") and a *very* inaccurate map of the world showing some of their planned stops. (one friend remarked "i'm not great with geography, but WHAT PLANET is that?" haha.)

for those of you who are interested, here are a few (crappy cell phone) photos i took while we made and served the cake.

covering the ugly (and delicious) thing with blue and white marbled fondant.

add partial continents and flags (that's the old vietnamese flag, nguyễn dfynasty/ pre-communism, on the top right for those of you who aren't familiar.)

serving to many appreciative little people.

happy kids.
and a happy gracie.

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