26 May 2010

hey, good lookin'!

what 'cha got cookin'?

i have been extremely derelict in my blogging duties over the last two weeks - especially when i consider how many LOVELY (really, you are. *wink wink*) i have picked up since the fabulous mrs. limestone featured me on hers.

well, the sun is shining and i'm thinking of lots of fun, summery feasts that i should be cooking up - which means that it's time to re-do the kitchen!

i've been talking with the contractor and it looks like we're going to get to work in a couple of weeks - which means i have just enough time to solicit your opinions on my plans.

here's what we are starting with (not bad at all, but it just doesn't flow with the rest of the house). and sorry, the photo quality isn't the best - i took these with my phone at the open house last year.

the cabinets are new and in good shape - i plan just to remove the crown moulding and paint them all white. we'll also remove the hardware and replace with these from house of antique hardware:

what do you think? milk blue or milk green?

and how about these, in polished nickel, (also from house of antique hardware) for the drawers?
i'll also replace the current pendant lights, which are faux alabaster like the rest of the house was when we started (someone clearly had a weird fetish for the stuff! t.m.i.?).

i'm vacillating between these two, both from schoolhouse electric:

which one do you like? i'm leaning toward the first because i LOVE color - but the shape of the second is pretty awesome.

the granite that we have will stay put - it's black and SPARKLY and i love it.

and the walls have been repainted a pale, pale blue-grey, with the door to the backyard a nice bright red (you can see it in my last "project doorway" post).

the floors, however, don't match the rest of the house, so i am thinking of covering them with black and white checkered industrial tile from armstrong, like in this photo:

doesn't this kitchen just look so clean and dreamy? and i love that it is both modern and retro at once.

so what do you think? am i on to somethin'?


  1. totally in love with the black and white checkered tiles. That will be lovely!

  2. yea do the floor!
    As for the light, do what makes you happy, both are quite fitting for the home.

  3. ********************************

    thanks, ladies! i appreciate the support - i think it might be my next big DIY. they're peel and stick, so how hard could it be?! (famous last words.) ;)


  4. Milk green, the first lamp and yes do the B&W tiles!


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