15 March 2010

project doorway update: ready for its close-up!

is it sort of pathetic that i'm waxing nostalgic about a project that's not even done yet? (it's okay to say yes. i said yes.)

i have only one room left to paint and that means project doorway is rapidly coming to a close.

so let's raise a glass - scotch if you've got it - to the progress we've made on the paint front over the last six months. here's a retrospective of our work...

the front door, interior:

inside of the downstairs bathroom door:

the inside of the built in nook on the side of the fireplace:

inside of the upstairs bathroom door:

inside of both master bedroom closets:

inside of the guest room bedroom closet:

the back door, interior:

i'm loving this door in nicky hilton's INSANE closet (and i'm SWOONING over those shoes she's wearing). pretty sure that this is what will end up the inspiration for the doors in the dining room...

hope you've enjoyed the close-ups!

1 comment:

  1. project doorway rocks. You know I'm gonna steal the idea if I ever get to the painting phase! Especially love the cobalt blue door.


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