10 May 2010

check ME out! i'm on brooklyn limestone!

how very exciting! i've been an avid follower (along with thousands of other folks) of "a brooklyn limestone in progress" since stumbling upon it a year ago - just when i was starting to daydream about how this old house would take shape.

aside from being insanely talented (seriously, check out her before-and-afters on apartment therapy), stefanie, the author of brooklyn limestone, is so lovely and gracious with her feedback and time.

today i am thrilled to be included on her blog, filling in as a guest poster while she is away on yet another glamorous trip.

please stop by and check out my post -- and leave a comment so she'll consider having me back!

jen x


  1. Found you through Brooklyn Limestone and had to check-out your blog. I'll be following.

    Love your Project Doorway.

  2. I just found your blog through Brooklyn Limestone and I LOVE it! I can't wait to read more! Your house is fabulous!

  3. ************************************

    @Timeless Style Design: thanks so much! also, i have started a clematis in the yard and it is faring DREADFULLY. any suggestions?

    @Lindsey: thank you! thank you! i do love it!


  4. question: how do you like the bed from ikea. i was thinking of getting one myself for my daughter.

  5. Hey, found you at BL too. Loved the before and after, v.cool style.

  6. Thanks again for guest posting Jen! I'd love to have you back anytime you want.

  7. ************************************

    @Tamstyles: i love it! i couldn't get a boxspring up our narrow stairwell, so this bed is great. cheap, stylish and VERY comfortable (with the right mattress).

    @jules: thank you! thank you!

    @ Mrs. Limestone: it was a pleasure and an honor!



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