30 August 2011

make that: i GAVE up.

so i did as i said (p.s. what is the origin of "do as you say and say as you mean..."? i don't think it's dr. seuss, but maybe i am wrong) and visited my favorite nursery, sloat on 3rd, yesterday after work.

i still have A LOT of work to do in the garden, but here are a few of the pots that i've started. (click any image for a close-up.)
half of the succulents in the photo above were already lying about. now that they are all together, with some new friends, they look great! i was at ocean beach the other day and collected a bunch of sand dollars, just like i did as a kid, and i think they make a cute addition to the planters, no?

okay, how GORGEOUS is this purple guy? he's as big as my head and starting to flower. now i need to plant him and find him some colorful friends.

and this one - OMG. it's also the size of my head but the flower stalks are HUGE. i can't wait to see them bloom!

and here's a closer look. doesn't it look like a magnolia flower from outer space?

so in love with these things - i think i am officially obsessed!

just as i am mega obsessed with this song lately...

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