29 August 2011

i give up.

this year has been a terrible one on the home gardening front. i used to have flowers and kittens and well manicured vines, but now it's just... well, it's just a g.d. mess out there!

i do think, with more "me" time, i could develop a green thumb. i mean, i did okay for the first year or so. but right now, if i am really honest with myself, it just ain't happenin'.

so what to do? i don't want it to be a total catastrophe out there. and you know how i love color. well, this is when our fog and no-frost climate comes in handy. i have decided, like everyone else these days, to convert my containers to a succulent garden.
luckily, san francisco weather is just about perfect for these hardy little plants. and, the more i learn, the more i love. it's insane how many sizes, colors and shapes you can find!

today, after work, i'm heading over to sloat's 3rd ave nursery - i hear they've got an amazing selection right now. in the meantime, i am LOVING these photos from a yard designed by isabelle greene in santa barbara. (all photos courtesy of brewbooks.)
i mean, these are just gorgeous, right? all of the color and texture!

high and dry has never sounded better!

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