12 February 2010

what do we think?

i'm thinking that this chandelier might be fun for the guest bedroom. it looks like the raindrops are the same color that i plan to paint the desk (i.e. a shade darker than the last ruffle on the curtain).

you dig?


  1. I think its cute. but i'd use the round retro-ish light bulbs with it instead of the tear drop kind. ps - love that color for a desk.

  2. I love this chandelier! The colors are awesome. I discovered my newly found love for chandeliers from your site.

    I went on a Hotel Tour a couple weeks ago and discovered some amazing interior design ideas, including tons of beautiful chandeliers http://www.sanfrancisconoobs.com/02-05-2010/kimpton-hotel-adventure/

  3. I love the chandelier! It's fun and glam at the same time

  4. thanks, everyone, for the positive reinforcement. i ended up placing my order and can't wait to see how it looks!


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