04 February 2010

how do i love thee? (a poster to swoon over.)

valentine's day is fast approaching and it really does seem that love is in the air. i just attended the (spectacular) wedding of two wonderful friends, john and sandra, and *so many* other friends seem to be in love and getting married this year.

it's all so lovely and heart-warming! (sweet lord, is my little black heart swelling à la the grinch - my favorite cartoon hero/ villian?)

speaking of love, i have fallen head-over-heels for this lovely poster.

i found it at a small gallery here in san francisco, artzone 461, during their "six centuries of printmaking" exhibition. i walked in to the gallery and my eye was immediately drawn to this piece - it is so vibrant and quirky and fun!

while little is known about the piece (likely late 50s, early 60s, show produced in amsterdam) steven, the gallery's director, explained that the piece comes from his late uncle's collection - an eccentric with and exceptional eye and a love of purple.

i'm excited to get it framed and use it to anchor the art wall in my living room. any suggestions on framing? i think i know what i'd like to do but i'd love to hear some of your creative suggestions.

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  1. isn't she pretty! I suggest you hang her in a big, red, heart-shaped frame.



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