06 November 2009

halloween fail.

i have no idea either...

this year's halloween was awesome. i decided to buck the trend and go with a demure costume rather than participate in the yearly "slut olympics". i mean seriously, ladies, WHAT is up? (actually, shhhh... next year's costume: slutty broccoli!)

i had on my mobile evite calendar 4 fun parties to attend, as well as one ridiculously comfortable overstuffed, zip-up bee costume (it's like a fuzzy puffer with a hoodie - huzzah!). should have been easy to make the rounds then, since all i had to do was to throw on jeans, zip up my new fuzzy jacket, and go...

slut olympics, no more! or, as my good friend noted, a costume that is "super cute and not feminism-stunting."

well, i don't know what happened that i was unable to get out of the door of my cozy little house until after 11pm. so, rather than party-hop, i headed to my local for a quick drink and to re-group with the girls. we decided to hit the party closest by (at this point it is virtually impossible to get a cab).

that hot new indie chick-rock band, the mariachi and the bee.

the party, hosted by my new AWESOME neighbors dustin and shahneeyam, was awesome. so awesome, in fact, that i took only 3 pictures the whole night. (awesome-awesome-awesome - god, could i BE any more california?)

i'd planned for a great post, with tons o' photos, on halloween in san francisco - it's really pretty amazing - but no luck, people. this is all i gots fer ya.

halloween FAIL.

could we "bee" any cuter?

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