03 April 2012

turn on your heartlight!

master bedroom

bet that title brings back some memories, huh? well, if you're as old as i am that is. how many times did you see e.t. in the theaters?

i'm in the process of gathering up a few new lights to put up in ye ole house and thought it might be fun to pull some pictures together so you can see all of the fixtures together. i get SO MANY nice comments/ compliments from visitors, first-timers and repeaters, about my "collection".

what do you think?

entry hall
(it doesn't look this creepy usually! not sure where that red glow is coming from.)

dining room

family room

family room

home office

soon to be in the guest bedroom

and two of these soon to make their debut in the kitchen

and, now, sing along with me and neil. :)

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