11 March 2012

oh, cr*p.

so, while there are many, many, MANY projects still on my list for this here ol' house, for the most part i do like it in it's current state.

the only real exception is the kitchen. while we are extremely lucky that it had been upgraded for modern-day life, it is clear that it was done without any thought about how it would integrate with the rest of the house.

remember, our house was built sometime around 1865-1880, so THIS (seen here on one of our walk-throughs in 2009) is not what i would have chosen to do with the kitchen.

so, now, i'm finally going to go for it. cabinet transformations in "pure white" and vintage hardware are at the ready - and i am steeling myself for several weeks of painting and frustration. i'll tell you later if it was actually worth the effort!

wish me luck!


  1. It will be such a great transformation! Definitely worth the effort!

    Do the new handles fit in the old holes or do you have to deal with filling/sanding etc.

  2. very infortunately, there will also be a fair bit of filling and sanding. i suspect that this project may take me a month or so to finish. :-?


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