01 December 2009

christmas, christmas time is here!

remember this one?! oh, the memories!

TREE! wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

i am a total holiday dorkus. and i'm OKAY with that. every year i get a 10+ foot tree and park it in my living room. and while this year my living room is a bit more "petit", it seemed wrong to go smaller on the tree when i have so much to celebrate and be thankful for.

so, on saturday morning, g and i went to get trees (one for each of us) to ring in the holiday season.

gina and "doug" the douglas fir

mah boo (the tree, not the dude - though he was very nice). i like "noble" trees (and men, if you know any!).

this was no easy feat! strapping two hulking trees to my bike racks and getting them safely home on 280 was a team effort. and i had to drive like a 90-year-old (i mean slow, and not plowing into markets and houses).

okay, technically this photo is from my sunday trip to ikea (more on that later), but i NEVER get tired of crossing the bridge into this beautiful city!

hope you are enjoying the holiday season and all of the friends, family and traditions you hold dear.

merry, merry!

jen xx

me, atop my 10-foot ladder, trimming my tree

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